In this Episode Nathan and Cervantes talk about the war in Ukraine and ways for you to support and donate, and all the drama surrounding Kanye west in recent weeks.

In the weeks since Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, circumstances on the ground have become increasingly dire. Destruction and air-raid sirens are now a part of daily life in much of the country. Many Ukrainians are using subway stations as bomb shelters, and civilians have been rushing to evacuate to other countries. Nearly 4 million Ukrainian refugees have already fled, with many walking miles to get to neighboring borders. Meanwhile, Black and brown people trying to flee Ukraine are having an even harder time getting out, owing to racism and violence that has left them stranded and even turned back at borders, while transphobia and other discriminatory practices bar transgender Ukrainians from leaving. Refugees are struggling with food shortages, and so are many Ukrainians remaining in and around Kyiv, where food deliveries have become impossible due to security enclosures.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of organizations that are asking for assistance. Donations can be made through the links to their websites or social media pages.

If you want to donate medical supplies

Razom for Ukraine: Razom, meaning “together” in Ukrainian, is a volunteer charity organization that was originally founded in 2014 to support Ukrainians after Russia annexed Crimea.

Fundraiser for Sunflower of Peace: Sunflower of Peace’s fundraiser aims to provide first-aid backpacks to paramedics and doctors on the front lines. Each backpack contains enough tactical first-aid supplies for five to ten people.

To help children affected by the war

Voices of Children: This organization helps provide psychological and psychosocial support to Ukrainian children affected by armed conflict.

Save the Children: Based in the U.K., Save the Children has created a Ukraine crisis-relief fund that’s getting food, water, hygiene kits, cash, and psychosocial support to children and families.

ChildFund International: Founded in 1983, ChildFund offers international financial support to children in need. Donate to its German organization, ChildFund Deutschland, which is providing emergency-aid kits to children and families in Ukraine.

To support journalists in Ukraine

The Kyiv Independent: You can support Ukraine’s English-language media outlet through GoFundMe or via Patreon.

Free Press Unlimited: This Netherlands-based organization works to protect journalists worldwide. Donate to its “Media Lifeline for Ukraine” here.

Keep Ukraine’s Media Going: Donations to this GoFundMe will help Ukrainian media outlets relocate to other countries and set up offices there.

To support refugees

Global Empowerment Mission: In conjunction with BStrong, this organization is running a welcome center at the Poland-Ukraine border. It’s using its funds to facilitate the influx of refugees to Poland, paying for flights and trains to relocate anyone who can’t find housing in Poland.

Humanity & Inclusion: This global organization supports individuals and refugees from conflict-stricken areas, especially those with physical injuries and disabilities and the elderly. Its Ukraine appeal fund will help deliver emergency aid to refugees displaced by the conflict.

To support BIPOC and LGBTIQ+ refugees

The Coalition to Support Black People in Ukraine: This fundraiser aims to help Black people facing racism and being turned back as they try to flee the country. Funds will go toward paying relocation fees and connecting Black refugees with their families, as well as food and other practical supplies.

Black Women for Black Lives: Through its #BlackinUkraine initiative, this organization is raising money to help Black refugees leave Ukraine, especially students.

Additional ways to help

• Donate to Nova Ukraine’s Heart2Heart initiative, which assembles care packages for people in Ukraine.

• Donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which will provide humanitarian relief to Ukrainians affected by the conflict.

• Donate to CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund, which aims to provide food, water, hygiene kits, and more to Ukrainians, especially women and girls.

• Donate to International Medical Corps, which will deploy mobile medical teams to provide emergency and primary health services, including psychosocial services, to conflict-affected Ukrainian communities.

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