Kanye West’s latest publicity stunt

The artist, Kanye West stunned audiences by wearing a shirt that read "WHITE LIVES MATTER" in capital letters across the back. The models also sported this message as well and beside him stood our favorite white-ring commentator: Candace Owens wearing her version of WLM apparel!

Before kicking off the runway portion of the night, West gave a speech while wearing the T-shirt. West's speech was full of irony and subtle messages and he never mentioned the T-shirt he wore that had "White Lives Matter" printed on it, which became popularized by white supremacy groups in 2013 as a response to Black Lives Matter but West never mentioned this during his microphone appearance earlier tonight!

West has been making political statements in the fashion world for years now; famously sporting Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" shirt during his ill-fated 2020 presidential run. Just like that incident, many fans are chalking West’s latest runway show up as another publicity stunt to promote their collection while members on the far right are taking advantage by claiming it is actually something they want to be associated with them themselves.

West told the Wall Street Journal that he thought people were overly critical of him because his expectations for success as a Black man from Chicago placed society’s judgment upon him. “It reminded me how I felt when all eyes are on you and they expect something big, but instead it's just another day in life," said West while speaking about President Trump wearing a "MAGA" hat during one rally last year which sparked controversy among many celebrities including Kanye who responded by saying 'this isn't really what my wardrobe is about.'

Kanye West's latest stunt reiterates how the rapper relies on race to cause controversy. His Ye brand has quickly become one of fashion's most controversial, yet lucrative labels—and it seems like he can't help himself from time to time with these elaborate publicity stunts that only serve their purpose if they generate enough headlines for him while also distracting people away from any actual music or quality products we might want in our lives (not really).

Kanye West is a walking, talking example of how not to handle race relations in America. From slapping the confederate flag on his "Yeezus" tour merchandise back when he first came out as anti-Obama (and then promptly endorsed Donald Trump) to wearing that MAGA hat like it was something special - well you know what they say: if at first you don't succeed...