Superpowered Reparations Are Hitting the Black Community This Winter Solstice

There I was, laying down, enjoying the pure, unapologetic freedom of no longer having to deal with the fall semester when I stumbled upon this TikTok video.


white ppl ruin everything 😕 ##fyp ##december21

♬ Moment 4 Life – Fresh Kid’s Music Ensemble

I immediately bursted out into laughter, but i was confused. Superpowers? For Black people? Why on the 21st of december? So I took to Black Twitter ™️ to do some research and the first tweet I found astounded me.

I felt a jolt run down my spine. Was it time to awaken my dormant abilities? Was my dream to become the black Barry Allen about to come true?

But … who revealed our secret?

If you’re like me and you saw the tail end of this, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on.

If you search “December 21st” on Twitter you’ll be greeted with memes and vague tweets about … something? Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be writing about this. I shouldn’t be detailing what’s going down on the Winter Solstice and just let our oppressors be surprised when some of us start water bending because yeah, we don’t hate the water, we created that stereotype to hide our truth.

But I’ve decided to lay it all out so you can prepare yourself accordingly during these next few days.

Also … it’s really hilarious where this stems from.

Initially, I thought it was just Black Twitter latching on to something that happened in a TV show or movie or book. After all, the new My Hero Academia chapter had been trending, and Attack on Titan just started its last season. Besides, we already have dates like November 5th (V for Vendetta), May 4th (Star Wars), and October 3rd (Mean Girls and Fullmetal Alchemist), so it wasn’t that much of a stretch to think that December 21st was some kind of series announcement.

Plus, in 2020 we need any and all forms of joy, so why not make up some wild Black superhero (or villain) origin stories? And with us having that full moon on Halloween AND the upcoming Winter Solstice having a flippin’ conjunction… now’s the time, right?

 No. It’s not from a fun media thing or even a random “cuz I felt like it” moment.

It starts here:

How’d we get to Black superpowers from that?!

Well, someone responded with a conspiracy theory that COVID was manufactured for the purpose of tampering with us. That’s me summarizing because the damning response/thread has been deleted.

But we all know screencaps are forever, and while I don’t have the entire thread, I DO have the one that led to the December 21st revolution.


After Black Twitter came together to absolutely obliterate this response by photoshopping kente cloth on their fave superheroes, the account this take came from locked down. That doesn’t mean the hilarity has slowed down, oh no, if anything, I’m preparing for a wave of posts to hit on the 21st about whether or not any of us got an invitation to Charles Xavier’s School of the Gifted.

I highly recommend turning it down, though, since things never turn out well for us … even if we have the power to adapt to anything.

Yes. I’m still angry about my boy Darwin. This is exactly why I was skeptical about folks learning about our REAL DNA being unlocked.

But it’s out there now so… see y’all on the 21st.

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Nathan Odige