A Letter from the American Territory Prison

Hello, I am a 16th generation American citizen. I am writing to tell you about the iron fist I live under in the territory which is known as the United States of America, located on the continent of North America. I am 19 years of age. 

I, like most Americans and migrants who call this place home, live under the reign of terror of the American militarized police and intelligence force. I am under constant surveillance by the state, and many past attempts at overthrowing the imperial force of Western capitalist domination have been systematically snuffed out. All activities deemed “subversive” by the fascist dictatorship, of which Donald Trump is the current figure head, may be met with infiltration, imprisonment, state sanctioned terrorism, or death. 

The country insists on engagement with the puppet elections for presidency and senate and house members. However, these electioning processes have little to no real impact on the day to day state of most citizens. Regardless, the state continues to pump propaganda through the media and the miseducation system that promises slow gradual change through the election processes as the only viable method for citizens to take control of their lives.

And what else is a fed up citizen to do. It is well known and understood that the people are entirely overwhelmed and outgunned by the military, as illustrated at countless protests where the state engages in warfare against its own constituents. Tanks, gas, and bullets are regular occurrences at public gatherings meant to highlight the rampant injustices in our country. Complete access to our whereabouts and activities are covertly monitored through all the technology we are encouraged to engage with, as well as the surveillance technology we have no option but to engage with. Were one to attempt to organize a counter military force whose aim is not in alignment with the concepts of white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism, or capitalism, one would be met with the full force of the intelligence agencies interfering prowess as well as the wrathful arm of the injustice system. Citizens are regularly terrorized by unknown forces when they begin to question the state of things. And so even questioning things becomes an opportunity for ridicule by your fellow citizens who have been brainwashed similarly as well as increased surveillance by the state. 

As for the obvious question that arises when faced with the reality of the military ALSO being made up of said citizens, two answers can be found. The first is the least sinister, but more depressing, the people who make up the military have been brainwashed or left few other options by way of capitalism and the false narrative of American exceptionalism. The other, the people who make up the military have a vested interest in the maintenance of the myth of American exceptionalism and capitalism because they believe they benefit them in some way. A significant portion of the people in the military do NOT wish to be there, but felt they had no other option due to perhaps the purposeful void of legal, educational, and financial opportunities in their places of origin, which the state maintains, in part to create a pipeline of bodies into the military and into the torture/labor camps known as prisons. Others have been made to believe that war is an inevitability, and out of a noble desire to protect the ones they love, they wholeheartedly buy into the notions of patriotism and the perversion of the warrior class ethos, and go to fight against people they believe are worse than the monsters at home. The worst group of the military, often the ones highest in rank, are well aware of the fictitious play they are running. They have no false notions of patriotism, despite their insistence if you question them about it, and they are not usually from such destitute locals that other lines of work were not an option. These people are here because they are worshippers. Not of God or Goddess, they are worshippers of the self. They are aware of the privilege and power that maintaining American dominance around the world affords them both at home and abroad, perhaps financially as well as bodily, and they believe it is worth the cost of bodies to do so. They engage in regular ritual sacrifice to this cause, as it results in a direct manifestation of wealth and comfort for themselves and their loved ones. They have numbed themselves to the pain they knowingly cause both around the world and at home.  

Now many of these people could be persuaded to be sympathetic towards the reality of the situation. In fact this is quite common, many members of the military and national guard, when called in to deal with domestic disturbances, (uprisings against the fascist regime) feel quite remorseful that this is how they are being used. I myself have seen it firsthand, the look in the eyes of someone who knows they are standing on the wrong side. However, the internal realization, should it occur, is often, not enough, to overcome the external threats. The state operates its arms, the military and the police, off of one emotion: fear. This fear is embedded into the culture of these institutions, deviation from absolute obeisance can and is met with physical and mental manipulation and violence. It helps reinforce the codes of silence amongst police who are closer community members than the deployed military. And it maintains bodily compliance amongst soldiers in the armed forces, and ensures they will go through with the necessary acts of military when called to. 

And so, just like myself, the backing power of the state, is just as much a prisoner of the state, as the citizens that that power is used to dominate. They are truly people who have been turned into puppets with guns. Sadly, it is not until most soldiers return home as veterans that they realize how thoroughly they have been used.

There is also the segment of the population who have thrown their lot in with the same systems that oppress them as a result of a complete brainwashing into right wing, fringe and public political movements. These are members of white supremacist organizations, conservative religous zealots, and desperate capitalists who are given boons of privilege, while simultaneously being oppressed in other formats. What often results, excluding the case of often undereducated rural poor white folks, is a group which recognizes one or two forms of oppression but is unaware in how they aid the state in a number of other forms, many of which actively oppress them and their loved ones as well. 

It is under these forces that the mass of American citizens live, some in bitter enlightenment, others in blissful ignorance, and some like myself, in pragmatic rage, determined not to die lying down.


An American Citizenprisoner