Will Someone Come Get Bill Clinton? He Just Shaded Stokely Carmichael During John Lewis’ Funeral

No matter how on beat they seem during the “Electric Slide” or how good their blaccent may be, there is a reason not every white person can come to the proverbial Black cookout.

On Thursday, during the funeral for civil rights messiah John Lewis, former President Bill Clinton fixed his crime-bill-ass-mouth to say that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee lost its way under Stokely Carmichael (who later changed his name to Kwame Ture).

Clinton started off strong, noting that Lewis’ posthumous op-ed in the New York Times was just like Lewis.

“He never lost heart. He fought the good fight, he kept the faith,” Clinton said, USA Today reports. “It is so fitting on the day of his service, he leaves us our marching orders: ‘Keep moving.’”

And then Clinton had to say this :

“Just three years later, he lost the leadership of SNCC to Stokely Carmichael because it was a pretty good job for a guy that young and come from Troy, Alabama. It must have been painful to lose, but he showed as a young man there’s some things that you just cannot do to hang on to a position because if you do, then, you won’t be who you are anymore. And I say there were two or three years there, where the movement went a little too far towards Stokely, but in the end, John Lewis prevailed.”

Basically Clinton was doing fine and then he Dascha Polanco’d right off a cliff. There was no reason on earth for Clinton to invoke Stokely’s good name in any of this.

And. At. A. Civil. Rights. Legend’s. Funeral.

Also, who uses a funeral to talk smack about someone else who was also doing the work? Clinton doesn’t have any space to say a word about SNCC or the work that was done under anyone’s leadership. But I guess this is what happens when y’all started calling Clinton the first Black president and went all bananas after he played saxophone on Arsenio’s show.

Bill Clinton has never been on the righteous side of right and he couldn’t even keep his pettiness out of a funeral speech. That crap was written down and read out loud in front of Black people there to honor a fallen hero, and it doesn’t matter how many cans of seasoning salt (I don’t know WTF “seasoned” salt is) the Clintons have, I’m not eating anything they are cooking. Not one thing.

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Nathan Odige