“You Have to Work TWICE as Hard to get HALF as Far as Them”

It is no secret that we as Black people are immensely hard workers and essential to many businesses and corporations. Our work ethic is unmatched and irreplaceable, yet we somehow struggle to climb up the corporate ladder.

There is one thing that I have been told upon entering my adolescent years, and it is still pertinent to this very day: “You have to work twice as hard to get half as far as them”. For those who need elaboration, “you” stands for Black people, and “them” refers to white people.

The relevancy of this quote still stands today. There have been countless scenarios where Black people get repudiated or overlooked from our dream jobs, and it’s not that our resume wasn’t good enough, or that we didn’t have enough experience, even our references were sufficient, it’s because we’re black. The fact that a company would miss out on having a salient employee just because the color of their skin wouldn’t be a “good look” for the employer and/or company is ridiculous. Whereas someone with white skin applying for the same position; without even possessing HALF the assets and credentials as the Black applicant, has the job before they even get to the interview. See the problem here?

Now, let’s discuss how Black people are treated in the workplace (which is not the best). We always put more into a job than we receive, and that is just a fact. We spend over 40 hours at a job per week to sometimes not even be viewed or treated with an ounce of respect. In addition to not receiving the amount of respect that we DESERVE from being so hardworking, there is a significant pay gap compared to our white colleagues; who may I remind you, on most occasions don’t do nearly half the amount of work as us. Yet, we still have to watch the same people who put in nearly a dime of time and effort compared to us,  get promoted CONSTANTLY while we remain in the same spot. It is like we’re  EXPECTED to do work inexhaustibly and remain comfortable in the same position, and that is the issue.

Black people are undeniably one of, if not the MOST  hard-working people in this country. Not just because we want to be, but solely because we HAVE to be. We have to naturally work harder to even be considered for positions other than entry-level jobs, which is completely unfair. Whites who are ignorant of the system; that only benefits them, and do not work to tear it down are part of the problem and are just as depraved as their ancestors who created it.

To all my Black people working diligently while feeling like all your work is for nothing: I see you, I hear you, and I am rooting for you. You will get to be where you want to be in life, DO NOT let your white employers discourage you from your direction and purpose. That is what they want. White people would KILL to see us fail. Let’s make them mad and show them how it is done.

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Nathan Odige