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The Minority Report Magazine is a digital news company that highlights Black perspectives, showcases the Black community and amplifies the voices of Black Americans. Founded in 2020, The Minority Report Magazine produces content on social justice, health and wellness, beauty, fashion, sports, education, news, politics, etc. with a darget demographic of 18-27 year old POCs. The Minority Report Magazine email newsletter and two podcast reach a growing audience of engaged readers and listeners who are looking for accurate and informative content about the world around them. With its focus on Black perspectives, The Minority Report Magazine provides a much-needed source of information and inspiration for its target demographic. In a world where the mainstream media often overlooks or misrepresents Black Americans, The Minority Report Magazine is filling an important gap with its thought-provoking content and positive message.


The Minority Report Magazine is the go-to source for Black News. At TMR, we understand that minority communities are underserved and often not given a voice in mainstream media. Our mission is to bridge the gap between cultures and facilitate a more informed national conversation about the unique challenges faced by minority communities. We engage African American viewers in social, economic and political discussions, showcase achievers as positive role models for black youth, and produce educational content that is culturally relevant and empowering. We are committed to preserving a proud African American heritage and training the next generation of African American journalists. With The Minority Report Magazine, you will be informed, inspired, and empowered.


The Minority Report Magazine has been shining a spotlight on the world of Black people in America and around the globe since 2020. We are committed to showcasing the best and brightest in our community while also highlighting disparities in Black life and all of the important life moments that matter and contribute to the American fabric.

With ever-changing times, The Minority Report Magazine has remained a steadfast source of information and inspiration for our readers. In a world that often feels like it's against us, we provide a space where Black people can see themselves represented and celebrated. We believe that diversity is our strength and that by coming together, we can create a more just and equitable society for all.



 Nathan Odige | Chief Executive Officer & Founder                            

Nathan Odige is the CEO and Founder of The Minority Report, a media company that focuses on providing positive representation for people of color. Nathan is also a senior at Hofstrar University, where he majors in Public Relations. In addition to his work with The Minority Report, Nathan is also a co-host on the popular podcast of the same name.

Nathan is passionate about servicing the Black community through public relations and plans to one day open his own PR firm that is dedicated to servicing the Black community. He lives in New York with his Mother, older sister, and twin brother. Nathan enjoys binging tv shows and movies, as well as drawing in his spare time.

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Destiny Garvin | Chief Creative Officer & Chief Communications Officer

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